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School Rules

DO'S Dont'S
  • Be regular and punctual.
  • Come to school in complete school uniform.
  • Carry notebooks, text books & assignments as per timetable and the school "almanac" everyday.
  • Be courteous, use polite language and respect your teachers.
  • While moving out of a class, always move in line.
  • Keep class room and school premises clean.
  • Be responsible enough to complete any work missed out in class due to absence or otherwise.
  • Return to class on time from P.T./Library/Labs or any other outdoor activity.
  • Speak in English and encourage others to do the same.
  • Use of indecent language or bully others by using any form of violence against students.
  • Damage school property or property of other students.
  • Play or run in classroom or corridors.
  • Bunk classes or report late to class.
  • Carry mobiles, heavy cash or valuables to the school.
  • Eat or drink during teaching periods.
  • Involve in loose talk, arguments and fights.
  • Use unfair means during examinations.

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